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Chapter 4

Killer Croc awoke and looked around his home only to find it dead silent as usual.

"Guess everyone went out. Ah who needs 'em, Killer Croc told himself as he walked over to his new flat screen T.V. set. Guess I have you all to myself," Croc chuckled as he sat down on a crate and began to watch the evening news.

After watching the news about his big time robbery on the Waine Manor, Croc started flipping through the channels until something caught his eye: A news report about the eye catching woman that entered his territory last night.

"Dang remote busted or somethin'," Croc figured as he walked over to the T.V. and reached for the power button to turn it off but didn't as the news alert progressed.

"When Aylee Williams turned to a life of crime I could not confirm exactly but I will say this,"  a short, bowl cut, middle aged man wearing a white suit said  through a microphone to an audience of news reporters. "I psychotherapist, Dr. Mine Slivay, failed to keep this insane and utterly dangerous monster contained from my  fellow man and I solely take blame in any wrong actions she has or will commit…"

"But why come to Gotham City?," We already have too many criminals as it is, a young news woman spoke out. "What is Ms. Aylee "Plague" Williams after?"

"Not what Madam you mean whom she is after," Dr. Slivay replied as he took out a book with the words, Aylee's Journal, engraved on the base of the spine.

Dr. Slivay cleared his throat before he began to read a particular passage from the pale-ish woman's journal.

"His masculine build
His rough scales
His cute long tail
That demanding mouth
Those determined eyes
Was this how love appeared . All the more reason to live and escape this insane asylum. Someday soon I wish to have him all to myself and give him a nice blow-----"

Killer Croc's eyes widened open at what he just heard and fell back in astonishment accidentally knocking the flat screen onto the muddy ground.

"Get a hold of yo'self  Waylon," Croc thought as he began to breathe franticly as if the wind was knocked out of him.

Killer Croc felt his left side beating fast as he tried to shake the memory of the eye- catching woman from his conscious then snarled in frustration slashing the flat screen T.V. in to with his powerful tail.

'….Missy, you are beginning to stick to my craw…"


How hard is it to locate a white girl?, Vic thought to himself as he walked from block to block. Guess her hideout isn't in the slums…

"Are you sure we can trust those guys. It's been five years and they still hate our guts," Freddy stated as he and Vic walked over a bridge following Killer Croc's pets, whom swam below.

"We're just wasting our time. We should be out robbing banks, pulling big time heists,  not looking for some freak who nearly killed us," Vic said kicking a rock into the rushing water.

"We will after we hook the boss and the freak up together," Freddy assured as they got off the end of the bridge.

Killer croc's two pet crocodiles surfaced and shook their heads in disappointment.

"Guess she's not in upstate Gotham after all," Freddy stated scratching his head as he scanned around the area with his binoculars.

"Maybe Butch is having better luck then us," Vic suggested as he took out his cell phone. "Freddy what's his---"

"Move it Boys!!," Plague said as she ran right past them.

"Was that her?!!," Vic asked quickly turning back.

"Yeah," Freddy answered. "But what's she runnin---"

"Outta tha way losers," Robin shouted as he pushed both men aside.

Vic turned back and shook his head signaling the crocodiles to follow after them.

"Now tha Bat's runt has to get involved too?!," Freddy asked as he stood up. "I'm startin' to get tha  idea maybe we should forget tha---"

Freddy quickly found himself tied down and back on the ground.

Vic fell beside him and sighed in annoyance.

"This is getting old."

"While Robin is busy confronting that lady you're gonna take me to Killer Croc yourselves. You got that?!!!," Batgirl said patting Vic on the head.

"Vic. Boss Croc is gonna kill us isn't he?"

"Crocodile chow here we come…."


"Twerp don't you have a curfew or something," Plague asked as she found herself in a dead end. "Your parents must proud of their son running out at night fighting us "bad guys" in tights…"

"I lost my parents to creeps like you," Robin answered as he slammed his staff across Plague's stomach knocking the temptress against the wall.

"That gas mask won't protect you for too long twerp," Plague said as she kicked Robin aside the face.

Robin jumped back and adjusted his gas mask back on and quickly threw a boomerang at Plague.

Plague dodged the incoming explosive device by sliding under it in time but only to find several others behind it.

"Smart Twerp…"

The boomerangs quickly detonated causing a breeze of debris and smoke to fill the vacant alley.

Robin jumped onto a ladder and waited for the dust to clear.

"Guess I beat you this time," Robin shouted under him as he searched for the white woman. "…Where are you?…"

"Light's out Kid!," Butch appearing behind him with a lead pipe crossing the back of the head of the young hero.

Robin fell onto the wet pavement and tried to stand up only to be knocked back down by Butch.

"Good thing I followed you two," Butch commented as Croc's pets appeared from the shadows.

"I didn't need your help taking down that twerp," Plague remarked with slight pain as she walked towards them holding her bruised arm.

Butch blushed and turned away.

"Your uhhmm vest is gone. Here wear this," Butch said as he held out his jacket to the half naked woman.

"Guess these two adorable reptiles aren't the only gentlemen Waylon has working for him," Plague commented as she zipped up the jacket half way to her breasts.

Butch turned back and sighed in relief before he walked over to robin's unconscious body.

"What should we do about the kid?, You want I let the crocs eat 'im," Butch suggested.

Plague nodded and snapped her fingers as a reply before she started to walk away.

Butch and Croc's pets looked down at each other then at the young hero.

Robin suddenly awoke and began vomiting large amounts of yellowish- looking fluid.

Butch caught up to Plague.

"Why didn't you just waste the annoying runt?," he asked somewhat fearful with the fact the same could happen to him if he angers her.

"If I ended his life just now then where's the fun in letting the boy rejoin his deceased parents in heaven," Plague smiled with a chuckle. "I won't allow it…"


"How did you locate the hotel I was staying at?!!," Dr. Slivay asked as he calmly, yet secretly terrified, sat down on his chair while Killer Croc was busy ransacking his room. "What do you want?"

"Where's tha Missy's book?!!," Croc snarled as he slammed the book case against the wall.

"Ah I see you watched the report didn't you, Mr. Jones?," Dr. Slivay grinned. "Were you breathless after what I read from her journal?," he asked with a sly smirk.

"Enough!!!!," Croc growled as he suddenly raised the psychotherapist against the wall by the throat. "Where is tha book?!!"

"No need for violence my good Sir," Dr. Slivay said as he dug in his coat's right pocket. "There is Ms. Williams journal," he said dropping the personal book on the chair.

Killer Croc drooped the doctor and placed the journal in the left chest pocket of his vest.

Killer Croc picked up the chair and threw it out the window as an escape route.

"I still do not seem to quite fully understand why Ms. Williams has an interest in a "man" such as yourself, "Dr. Slivay remarked as he dusted off sludge from his shoulders. "Ask her, Mr. Jones, for me… "

Killer Croc bared his teeth at the doctor before he jumped out the window and straight into the canal.
finally chapter 4 is up ......

enjoy :)
Yoru-the-Rogue Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh, the plot thickens!

XDDD The television report made me giggle, as did Croc's interaction with Dr. Slivay!

And the kidnapping of Robin was NOT something I saw coming, so nice job there!
Cardinalsinner Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you for tha feed back :):):):)

the tv report was fun to write... i tried my best to keep most of Plague's thoughts censered due to young perverted kids who kept and keep asking me if there was gonna be any sex scenes (these kids are kinda tha reason i drew back from writing for a while b/c they were gettin annoyin)

ps i didnt have robin kidnapped (unless i miss understood wat you were tryin to say...sorry for my slow-ness)
Yoru-the-Rogue Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ You're welcome.


Nooooo, I think I misunderstood.
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