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Chapter 3

While their reptilian boss rested and basked in his quarters of the hideout his three henchmen were busy collaborating a plan to get Boss Croc and that Plague woman together.

"Boss Croc isn't interested in nobody he's cold blooded remember. Told us himself," Freddy argued laughing at the thought of their reptilian leader having emotions.

"Ain't so sure about that. Boss Croc kept sniffing the air on our way to Waine Manor," Butch remarked back. "He looked sorta disappointed even when we left tha place."

"Why should we help him score a date if all he ever did was treat us like rats," Vic complained.

"Don't forget that monster did force us to work for 'im against our will in the first place," Freddy added.

"If those two are together they'll want us out of the picture and we'll be free from those circus freaks you idiots. After while crocodile remember Freddy?!," Butch said as he strapped on his book bag. "I'm heading out to find that woman you two try to convince those two over grown lizards over there to help us find her as well"…

Vic and Freddy agreed to Butch's plan and glanced back at Boss Croc's two pet crocodiles and gulped when both of the pets began to snarl at them.


Bruce began to wake up from his previous encounter against  Plague and glanced around the infirmary room of a hospital while still feeling dizzy and in pain then rested back on the bed.

"You two can come out now."

"You're awake?," Robin asked as he came out of the bathroom. "You had us worried. You know. Told you that white lady was troublesome but no you wanted to see her for yourself---"

"Shut up! Boy Blunder," Batgirl interrupted as she stepped inside from the window. "Bruce just woke up and you're already annoying him. Sheesh give the man a brake will you."

While Robin and Batgirl argued as usual Bruce looked around for any sign of Alfred's visitation but found nothing to his surprised disappointment.

"Where's Alfred?," Bruce asked.

Batgirl and Robin stopped there daily bickering and looked sad all of a sudden.

"Alfred…Alfred is in the em… emergency room," Batgirl said wiping her eyes. "The doctor said he might----"

"He'll pull through like always," Robin said before he jumped out the window.

Bruce pulled out the needles and medical devices off his arms and chest, to Batgirl's surprise, and stood up out of the bed and reached for the door.

"What are you doing Bruce. You're in condition to walk let alone handle this on your own," Batgirl pleaded as she blocked the doorway. "Robin and I will confront the ones responsible for harming Alfred. You have my word.."

"Who was it?," Bruce asked demanding a quick answer before he thought of pushing her away from the door.

"Killer Croc and his thugs," Batgirl answered locking the door.

"You two know you're no match for that monster," Bruce commented as he firmly pushed Batgirl aside. "He'll show you "kids" no mercy…"

"Doesn't matter we knew the risks when we first put on these masks," Batgirl argued back. "The doctor said you'll be ready to go back home by tomorrow morning so please while you're here stay and watch after Alfred will ya'. He's in room B7 third floor first one on your right," Batgirl said as she too jumped out the window.

Bruce watched from the window as Robin and Batgirl drove away in the Bat mobile  and punched the wall.

"Mark my words Croc you're next….."


Plague walked tiredly through the central park, not taking to account of all the eye- gawking bystanders passing her, then stopped when she heard someone call her a freak.

Plague quickly caught a glimpse of the man who labeled her a freak and simply smiled and waved farewell to the fat man's confusion.

"A freak am I," Plague chuckled lightly as she looked down at her watch. "I'll let your maker do the judging…"

Seconds later paramedics and bystanders gathered around the fat man's cold body with shock and fear consuming their minds.

Plague left the scene and sat on a nearby swing and watched from their as the fat man's corpse was taken away in an ambulance.

"I'm not a freak…"

As Plague watched the bystanders scatter back into their lives a memory, that she despised, started to resurface…..

Glasscreg University: Science Lab 11:00 p.m.

"Aylee! What are you still doing here. The chemistry lab is closing up Dear," a chubby late forties woman in a white lab coat asked as she entered the dimmed room. "Don't you have plans tonight. It is a Saturday night after all."

"Not tonight Professor Youngblood. I'm almost at a break through with this new vaccine I've been developing. If it works illnesses will be a thing of the past. If I do say so myself," Aylee said as she readied the bunsinburner. "By heating the vaccine in the beaker it should activate."

"Dear. Are you really staying here because you want to or is it because Blake and his flunkies are giving you a hard time again," Professor Youngblood asked as she turned on all the lights. "If you need someone to help you deal with this Blake problem then let me help you."

"I can take care of myself thank you very much," Aylee remarked getting slightly annoyed.

"Well when you do need help you know my number Dear," the professor said on her way out the room. "Lock the doors when you leave Deary!"

"DARN IT!!!," Aylee murmured in frustration as she turned off the bunsinburner. "The vaccine is suppose to destroy the illness not fuse with it. What am I doing wrong?," she asked herself as she skimmed through her notebooks.

"Maybe if I expose my vaccine to all the viruses and harmful bacteria in our storage room it'll activate properly," Aylee reassured herself as she began to set up her experiment in the storage room.

An hour later after exposing her vaccine to countless illnesses Aylee finally jumped with joy when she peered down her microscope and noticed her vaccine was eliminating the harmful viruses and bacteria.

"Eureka! Peace Prize here I----"

"Looky here…"

A tall lean build young man with black short hair and common brown eyes kicked open the doors and grinned a smirk at the surprised upcoming scientist.

"Hey Freak why weren't ya' at your place. Kinda hard to pull a prank on ya' if you ain't there," he said as he walked towards her.

"Blake. Why can't you just leave me alone sheesh you're starting to really tick me off," Aylee remarked managing to slap her enemy across the face.

Blake felt his cheek then growled in anger and snapped his left fingers signaling three thug- looking students to enter the room. Each one of them giving Aylee a sinister smirk.

Aylee grabbed the beaker that contained her vaccine and backed away against the wall as the four men got closer and closer to her.

"We're not gonna be hard on ya' Freak," Blake reassured her with a fake smile.

"Oh I know you're not," Aylee said without thinking before she chugged her vaccine into her system. "Can't rape a sick girl without getting something back in return right Blake?!," she said with a slight cough. "I haven't tested my vaccine on a patient so just try to-----"

One of Blake's friends ignored Aylee's warning and slapped her onto the ground only to find himself covered in bleeding red spots.


The thug fell on the floor stone cold dead causing Blake and the other two to back away from the unconscious now pale- ish Aylee.

Before Blake and his stunned  friends could react to what had just happened they quickly fell to all fours and begun to cough out large amounts of blackish- like ooze.

"WHAT DID SHE DO TO US?," Blake asked as he noticed his skin on his left arm started to turn pitch black. "NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!! AHHHHAHHHH…."

Aylee slowly awoke minutes later and carefully stood up before she noticed her skin color had changed.

"What? My vaccine didn't kill the illnesses. It made them apart of it's DNA again," she thought with a shocked look on her face.

Aylee quickly turned and noticed three decaying bodies covered in blood and blackish ooze, then slowly backed away.

"Wwh…WHO… RELEASED… THE FLESH EATING DELTA VIRUS?!!!," Aylee stammered in horror.

"You Freak. You did this!!!"

"Who said that," Aylee asked walking over  to the hazy voice.

Aylee covered her mouth in pure shock when she noticed Blake leaning against the door with his face nearly disintegrated.

"BLAKE! How…who…what happened to you guys," Aylee asked reaching for his hand.

"Stay away from me Freak. Get tha heck away from me you monster!," Blake said before he died after his tongue and right eye ball dripped onto the ground.

Aylee fell back and began to scream with tears running down her once innocent cheeks.

Plague shook that pitiful memory and stood up from the swing then glanced back at some bristling bushes before she started to walk away.

"Far too many witnesses to stir up attention again," she told herself playing it cool as she simply carried on walking.

Batgirl glanced from behind a tree and sighed in relief.

"You need to work on your sneaking some more! I could hear you from the traffic lanes," Batgirl commented as Robin stepped out of the dense bushes.

"Blah blah blah. She was clearly glancing at you," Robin retaliated as he looked at Plague though a pair of binoculars. "After we get her we'll go after Dino Face…"

"Dino Face? Why are you so immature," Batgirl asked snatching the binoculars from him. "To think you'll be Nightwing in the future. What a laugh…"

"No need to be jealous Miss College Dweeb," Robin joked before he ran after the white lady.

"Uhh. Where's the Justice League when you need them," Batgirl asked herself as she chased her partner though the crowded park. "ROBIN WAIT UP!!!"

to be continued...
finally chapter 3 is up

storyline : henchmen want croc and plague together for selfish reasons. A bit of Plague's past is revealed. Batman wants revenge...?

hope yall enjoy :)

note: just because the justice league was mentioned here breafly dont expect em to show up i really don't like them honestly im strickly a batman fan and i was kinda annoyed wen they were shown in the batman offense to anyone who likes them i guess

ps i hope to upload these stories onto fanfiction when i'm done with them

last ps i hate spoiling but i predict on atleast making 10 chapters of this fanfic in all (i wil write short stories about them from time to time).......shit writers have lives too you know :)

batman charaters and universe belong to DC
plague is mine ;)
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Oooh, I like it! X3 Well done, so far, and I really like the idea of Plague having been a scientist prior to her transformation. I'm just a tiny bit sketchy on the Batgirl-Robin interactions, but that's just because I'm really nitpicky.

Keep up the good work dear! I can see improvement! :clap: I look forward to chapter 4!
Cardinalsinner Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thats how i KINDA felt about the interaction btwn them too.....its just hard workin with characters you hate you know? but i need them :(.....anyway thank you as always i read ur recent stories and think they are great!!!! i also look forward to readin tha next chapters XD

ps there is nothing wrong with being nitpicky shit i do it to sometimes :)
Yoru-the-Rogue Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011
Fair point, I'll give you that.
You're welcome, hon! And thank you for being a reader! :hug:
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