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Chapter Two

Killer Croc awoke and glanced around his hideout to see if what had happened an hour or so was true then chuckled in relief as he stood up.

"Guess it was jus' a dream," he reassured himself as he took a big whiff of his territory . "No new scent … everythin' seems----"

Killer Croc snarled angrily when he noticed the bags of money he heisted earlier were gone and punched the walls out of frustration.

Killer Croc's henchmen watched in terror and slight awe as they took witness of their boss' unbelievable brute strength.

"So which one of you want to tell Boss Croc the woman filed the bills in order inside these crates for us," Butch asked not noticing their boss walking towards them.

"He's gonna throw us to his pets again isn't he?," Freddy asked feeling really terrified.

Killer Croc stared down at his henchmen snarling lowly at them before they backed up against the wall.

"START TALKIN' boys!…"


Elsewhere Plague whistled to herself  as she entered through the back of an old gas station.

Plague stuck out her lashed tongue at the bathroom mirror and frowned.

"Guess it seems frenching  Croc will be problematic," she sighed in disappointment. "Why is this world so cold at times," she wondered glancing out the window and staring up at the crescent moon.

"----But he frenched me back didn't he. I felt his tongue dancing with mine didn't I?," Plague asked herself in deep thought. "Maybe he was just dreaming about catfish or gumbo?…."

Plague walked out of the restroom and jumped on her worn out bed before she stared up at the moldy ceiling.

"I wish this was one of those fanfic stories where I was already be paired with that hunk of a reptile," Plague asked herself as she thought of her scaly love interest.  

"----Maybe I'll find an answer to wining Croc's love while I have some fun," Plague told herself as she slipped on her boots and placed a hypodermic needle in her back pocket.


Moments later stories about the Gotham Avenue Medical Clinic suddenly blazing in flames spread all over the news broadcast.

Killer Croc and his henchmen watched the broadcast from a little signal T.V.

Video surveillance was shown catching a glimpse of the culprit.

"Look! Boss it's the same chick who digs you," Freddy pointed out.

Killer Croc grabbed Freddy by his head and tossed him into the murky sewage water, then stared back down at the T.V. and grinned.

"Boys." "We're takin' this fine opportunity to rob Rich Boy while the Bat confronts this missy," Croc said as he entered the murky sewage,  forcing himself  to feel  no real sympathy for the woman, who showed for the first time in his hard life, interest in the likes of him and shook her out of his mind.

"Don't kid yo'self Croc," he thought to himself as he swam over a pipe line.

Butch and Vic noticed this odd behavior of their boss and wondered what Boss Croc was thinking of as they swam aside their leader.

Freddy stayed behind and sighed in boredom due to the fact his job of sorting the bills to their appropriate crates had already been done by Plague.


Plague ran as fast as she could from her dark pursuer and quickly entered an alley and turned.

Plague confronted the caped crusader she's heard so much about after first arriving to Gotham and already glared upon him great animosity.

"Were you the one who set the clinic on fire?," Batman asked the pale-ish  woman, whom just yawned at his question.

"And the one who sent your partners to the emergency room a while ago," Plague added with a sly smirk. "How are the little twerps, she asked carelessly walking towards the Batman." "Are they dea---"

Before Plague could end her sentence she found herself all tied up on the ground with The Batman hovering over her with anger in his eyes.

Plague noticed the Batman shaking a little and took this advantage by knocking him down with a kick to the back of his knee.

Plague slashed off the bat-lasso with a razor hidden in her left jeans pocket and grinned down at the staggering Batman before she kicked his paralyzed body against a dumpster.

"The small dosage of my T- cell virus those two twerps breathed is nothing compared to the large quantity  you introduced to your blood system," Plague commented as noticed the Batman trying to stand up. "Guessing from your body's response to the virus I'd say your done for…"

Batman pressed the middle of his utility belt before he passed out.

Plague sat on her knees beside her paralyzed foe.

"This is for always foiling my Croc's plans," she said pulling out her hypodermic needle from her pocket and hovering it over above the Batman's neck . "This needle contains three of the most deadly and incurable flesh- eating bacteria found from within my own heart. I haven't used this on anyone other then those who made me this way, so be grateful that you're not the first to die this wa---"

"Not so fast Crazy Lady!!!," Robin interrupted knocking the needle out of Plague's hand with a smoke bomb.

Plague backed away as soon as the bomb detonated.

"Hopefully Croc took this to his advantage and robbed that man he spoke of earlier," Plague thought as she glanced around the smog filled alley.  "And hopefully the Batman will take to account I'm a force to be reckoned with…"

Hidden in the smoke Robin with the help of Batgirl, whom just arrived, placed their unconscious mentor in the back seat of the Bat mobile.

"I tried contacting Alfred to get ready with another cure but he didn't pick up," Batgirl said as she drove them away.

"Maybe he's sleeping. Duh! Hello! It is one in the morning after all!!!," Robin remarked as he grabbed the batman's hand and begun to feel his pulse. "Drive faster we're starting to lose him!!!"


Killer Croc and his henchmen walked out of  the enormous mansion with a ton of valuables in a sack.

"Guess Downtown Gotham ain't the only place where the good shoppin's at," Croc chuckled with a satisfied look on his face.

Alfred, whose butler suit was shredded, crawled out through the door and rested on the steps breathing heavily.

"My …apologizes… Master Bruce"….
well here you go.... hope yall like :)

Story summary: Plague confronts The Batman while Killer Croc robs Bruce Waine's mansion. (pretty much sums it up)

chapter 3 will hopefully be uploaded by this coming sunday :)

as always if anyone has suggestions on how to improve my writing it would be much appreciated.

killer croc his henchen and the whole batman universe do not belong to me.

Plague does belong to me though.
Yoru-the-Rogue Featured By Owner May 15, 2011
Very interesting, so far.

Definitely like the fact that Croc makes his move on the Wayne Mansion while Plague's causing havoc!
And again, I'm happy to see that you included the boys in there!
OLOL Batgirl and Robin! :XD: You definitely wrote them well!

......*attempts to wrack brain for further commentary*


^^; I've got nuthin'. Sorry! My brain's not exactly functioning on a totally coherent critiquing level at the moment! But I do want you to know that I did enjoy this!
Cardinalsinner Featured By Owner May 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh thank you as always.... because of graduation practice and such im gonna have to update chapter 3 later this week so i apologize for any delays

ps i finally drew Plague but in anime styal cuz thats the only way i can draw scanner is being an ass right now so i cant upload her yet :(
Yoru-the-Rogue Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
X3 You're welcome! It's alright dear. Graduation's a pretty big thing! And congratulations on it too!

Lol, tis okay! Most of my style's been largely influenced by anime, if you couldn't tell! :tighthug: Hopefully your scanner will get its act together soon!
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